About Dutch Ground Control

Dutch Ground Control is a Dutch wholesaler/producer of various mycorrhiza products, (organic) plant nutrients, and soil enhancers.

With over 25 years of experience and after following various agro-ecological courses, Dutch Ground Control is convinced that mineral fertilizers can be entirely replaced by a healthy and balanced soil life supplemented with organic fertilizers. This is better for the environment and healthier for your plant and soil.

Plants that live in healthy soil are more resilient to disease, drought, and stress and require less fertilization. In addition, plants suitable for consumption, such as vegetables and herbs, will taste better and often have a higher yield.

About Dutch Ground Control

At our horticultural facility, we are compiling, testing, and improving various nutritional strategies daily, always starting with the addition of mycorrhizal fungi and rhizobacteria in the base. Thanks to these thorough tests, we know exactly which products work best together and how they should be applied. Our starting point is not only soil-friendly but also user-friendly.

Testing different plants

The Dutch Ground Control products are composed so that they are very easy to use. Mycorrhizae only need to be applied to the soil once and rhizobacteria once a week to the irrigation water. Because of this, depending on the plant species, fertilization can be reduced to twice per season at the most or even become obsolete!

Are you looking for nutrients for a specific plant? Please feel free to contact us. We like to think along and, if desired, we can test our products on your plant without any obligation.

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