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The Mycorrhiza and Rhizobac products from DGC are easy to use and 100% natural! Together they form the foundation for healthy soil. The availability of more nutrients will ultimately result in better plant development. Additionally, plants will be less susceptible to infections, and the usage of fertilizers and pesticides can be greatly reduced.

For flowering and fruit-bearing plants with a high nutritional requirement, we have various organic Fertilizers that nourish both the plant and the soil life.

Soil with elements

Soil is a living organism

The soil of a healthy forest is a living and self-sufficient ecosystem. All the nutrients that a plant absorbs during its life cycle will sooner or later return to the soil.

Rhizobacteria and mycorrhiza fungi break down fallen leaves and dead plants into humus. During this mineralization process, nutrients are released and become available again for absorption by the plant. And so, we have come full circle.

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Products for a PERFECT HARVEST
Mix the Mycorrhiza through the soil
Dissolve the Rhizobac to the water, and water once a week
Organic Plant Feed
Will be added to the website soon, contact us for more information
More vigorous and healthier plants

More vigorous and healthier plants

Easy to use, anyone can do it

Easy to use, anyone can do it

Reduce usage of fertilizers

Reduce usage of fertilizers

Suitable for all (pot)plants

Suitable for all potplants

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