Mycorrhiza Mix

By adding Mycorrhiza Mix to your soil, your plants grow healthier, which in turn will result in higher yield and better quality, all in a 100% organic way!

What are mycorrhizas? Mycorrhiza fungi are microbial engines that improve plant health and soil quality. They have played a very important role in the nutrient supply of trees and plants for over 400 million years. ­­­ The threads of the mycorrhiza fungi penetrate into the bark cells of the roots and grow into the soil from there. As a result, they form a natural root extension.

Because the fungal threads are extremely thin, they can reach the smallest bottom pores. There they release minerals bound by acids and enzymes and transport them via the "network" to the roots of the plant. The fungus does this for a very specific reason. In exchange for the nutrients supplied, the mycorrhizal fungi absorb excess glucose from the plant. This creates a perfect form of society called symbiosis.

Why add Mycorrhiza Mix?

Through years of experience, we have developed a unique composition from the more than 200 different species of Glomeromycotan fungus responsible for the creation of mycorrhiza.

By adding the correct fungal spores, the fungal threads (mycelium) generated will increase the absorption capacity through the roots of your plants up to 700%.


  • Better root development
  • Produce more vigorous and healthy plants
  • Increase flower quality
  • Optimized absorption of nutrients
  • Decreases susceptibility to deceases and stress
  • Contribute to maintaining soil quality and nutrient cycling
  • Greater water infiltration and water holding capacity
  • More permeability to air

Contains the following Fungal spores

  • Claroideoglomus etunicatum
  • Funneliformis geosporum
  • Funneliformis mosseae
  • Kuklospora colombiana
  • Rhizophagus clarum
  • Rhizophagus irregularis

Use of the fungi

Mycorrhiza Mix should be mixed through the soil. As soon as the growing roots come into contact with our spores, the fungi will start to grow, and the foundation is laid for a beautiful symbiosis. Thanks to the addition of vegetable fungi stimulators, this process will start in less than a week!

Mix 4 grams through the medium per plant.

When planting sprinkle 1 gram directly underneath your cuttings/ seedlings or plant.

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